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This should be interesting…

Posted by rogercuddy on Sunday, 8 November, 2009

Can you really run a functioning WordPress blog on Source Forge’s user space? We’re going to find out. My first thought about installing was admittedly ‘this is going to hurt!’. Once setup it will be accessible at Rog’s SF Notes

<edit>The install went well. You can read about it at the follow up post <end edit>


  1. Be able to install themes and plugins.
  2. Responsive enough that it drives readers mad waiting on pages to render.
  3. Support sitemaps
  4. Easy to backup/restore both the database and the file system.
  5. Allow multiple contributors


Quite modest but if I can get that much working I’ll be pretty happy. #1 itself rules out using SF’s Hosted Apps as it won’t be possible to use any themes or plugins.

Will post soon on how it all went.

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