Poor Man Facebook Library Project note 1 – Setting up your environment to build

This entry was posted by rogercuddy on Wednesday, 11 November, 2009

We’re still a bit undecided on whether to use the library website to post items intended only to the dev team. For now dev items will be posted on my SourceForge site and at Poor’s site both.

Poor and I have tried to structure the build process to minimize special requirements on any developer’s machine . So far at least we’ve been able to keep it pretty mild, especially if you only have the developer role. Most developers will already have everything they need installed.

To develop and build

  • Text Editor of your choice. Use whichever tool you normally do but DO NOT check IDE specific files into the source repository.
  • Subversion (and a GUI if you wish)
  • JDK 1.6 SE
  • Ant 1.7.1
  • Optional – PMD installed for use by Ant, ant task doc

If you will be working on the website then you need to add a little more

  • Pushing to the website via the build script requires that your ssh key be registered with sourceforge. We very much do not want any user ids and passwords embedded in the script at any time. It’s just too easy  to forget and check in build.xml with your id / pw now publicly available.
  • Pushing from Ant requires you have optional library JSch installed.


That’s it for now anyway. Changes will be posted as new articles so they are easy to catch.

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