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Installing and running WordPress on SourceForge

Posted by rogercuddy on Wednesday, 11 November, 2009

This is a follow up to previous post This should be interesting … where I stated the intention of getting WordPress up and running in my SourceForge user web space . Depending on where you are reading this you can see that it worked out pretty nice. I’ll go over what steps were needed. I do assume here that the reader has familiarity with installing WordPress and at least some practice at using SourceForge’s project and user tools. If you don’t have that experience then I strongly recommend that you first practice setting up WordPress locally and also experiment with SourceForge to gain an understanding of what it provides. Both exercises will do you good anyway.

  1. You must own at least one project on SourceForge so that you have a database to use.
    1. Strictly speaking WordPress doesn’t need it’s own database and you could just tell it to place it’s tables in an existing db but I like to keep it separate so I created a specific database just for the blog.
  2. Download WordPress locally and unzip into a temp work area.
    1. For each SourceForge project there are 3 database user ids: read only, read write and admin. WordPress needs the admin user so it can create it’s tables. Edit wp-config.php and put in your database and user specific information.
    2. Upload all the WordPress files and directories to your htdocs directory ( example: /home/userweb/r/ro/rogercuddy/htdocs is mine).
    3. Create a directory on your persistent userweb space that will be used by the blog to store uploads. Your persistent space will be under  /home/userweb-persistent and a full path example would be /home/userweb-persistent/r/ro/rogercuddy .
    4. You will now need to replace the WordPress uploads ( location <your WP install folder>/wp-content/uploads ) directory with a link to the persistent directory created in previous step. Many GUI SFTP programs do not have the command ‘ln’ but any command line interface should have it. If you are using a GUI based SFTP then also you can check if it allows you to type in a custom command to send to the server.
      1. Remember to remove the uploads folder before trying to create the link
      2. Syntax should be similar to ln /home/usweb-persistent/r/ro/rogercuddy/uploads /home/userweb/r/ro/rogercuddy/htdocs/wp-content/uploads
    5. You should now be ready to browse to your blog /wp-admin/wp-install.php
      1. If anything goes wrong don’t get excited. Just analyze the error and fix the issue. The most likely problem you will run into is making a mistake on your database setup in wp-config.php .
  3. Limitations inherent to running on SourceForge because it doesn’t allow outgoing connections.
    1. You will have to install themes and plugins manually by uploading them instead of being able to browse for them in the blog site admin section.
    2. Most plugins will work just fine but plugins that rely on outgoing connections won’t work. This one is a shame since it means Akismet doesn’t work to scan comments for spam.

Even with those limitations it has far fewer limitations than trying to use SF’s hosted apps. With the hosted apps you can’t do much but post (at this time anyway).

That’s it. Happy blogging!

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